Two Super Simple Tips for Shooting Film in Cambodia

Are you an international filmmaker, producer, director, location manager? Regardless of whom you are, in order to film in Cambodia, here are two powerful tips that help you make your filming project remarkable:

 1.  Obtain the general film shooting permit for your filming project in Cambodia: First and foremost, you have to request for film permit, which  is a must thing you have to do in Cambodia. It is provided by the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts, so you have to request the permit through Cambodia Film Commission(CFC) which is in charge of foreign film shooting affairs under the supervision of Ministry of Culture in the country.

CFC Official website :

To get the film permit form and letter sample, please contact

Your general permit will process depending on the type of your project.

For Feature film, it processes 10 working days, while Documentary / Commercial / Short / TV show / Clip / Photo shoot, it processes 5 working days.

In the case of importing a large amount of your filming equipments, initially you have to obtain this general film permit to process a tax free request from the customs.

On top of that, if you are interested to shoot in archaeological sites such as Angkor Wat temple. You need to use your general film permit obtained from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Art to process the special film permit entitled by The Apsara Authority. Source:

            2.  Find a professional film fixer: After getting the film permit, obviously you have to find a professional partner helping you out in​ pre-production, during production and post production. Noticeably, it is easy to find a fixer, but it is difficult to find and choose the one you can entrust and specialise in filming area that can assist you along the way of your filming process. Anyway, you do not have to worry anymore, we are here to tackle all your uncertainties and make your filming impeccable.

Hope these two tips help you make your filming even greater. For more information you would like to hear more, we are here a good consultant, fixer for all  filming projects.

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