Transportation and Accommodation

When it comes to shooting a project abroad, accommodation and food are way beyond important. With no doubt, crew members need comfortable accommodation and both delicious and healthy foods to fully gain the energy.

A bed is where you spend your most peaceful time, especially after a long tiring working day. So finding a good hotel, motel or guesthouse is an essential factor. MFF can take away all your stress in booking places to stay regardless of the location and your limited budget. Five-star hotels and inexpensive guesthouses are for sure to be found in cities. However, the struggle is real when you need to film in countryside where people barely have enough electricity to use. This is when foreign producers realize that using our local fixer service is a must. Asking for a homestay with villagers is nothing beyond our reach, thanks to the friendliness and people-oriented characteristics of our staff members.

As for food, we are more than confident to claim that we can satisfy the hunger of all crew members with our authentic regional cuisines. Mekong-region countries are known for their exotic yet pleasant-tasted foods. Thus, challenging yourselves with these heavenly cuisines should always be on your “To Do List”. ┬áIn case your tongue does not easily give in to the attraction of other countries’ foodstuff, we can still find you your home-tasted meal.