Scounting and Pre-production

Location scouting is known to be a vital process to achieve a successful filming project. Mekong Film Fixer will do our best to ensure perfect accomplishment of all projects assigned to us. We carefully scrutinize and research locations that our customers wish for and any obstacles we may encounter. By doing this, we can find the right solutions and brace ourselves for all possible outcomes.

With the expertise in our native home region, especially Cambodia, customers can rest assured that your needed or even hallucinated sceneries and locations are no longer mere dreams. We make everything possible-from a paradise-like location to a hardly-distinguish-hell spot, depending on the required scenes of our clients. We own bountiful databases and photos of numerous sites that can always be important for filming. What you have to do is just informing us about what type of environment or sceneries you wish to appear in your screen and we will send back pictures of our recommended places and the description. Then, you can decide if you like that place or need other ones. Also, in case you have any specific locations in mind and only need more information on that, we can also help providing our sincere knowledge and opinion on it.

Another service that we provide is casting. Like the preparation we do with locations, MFF also collects all significant databases of people (photo, address and contact information to name a few) who may later on be auditioned to be actors or actresses. This helps facilitate and minimize the time requiring for all casting process; which obviously results in the reduction of financial expenses. We are also capable of finding large number of extras with talents in case needed.