Trade Starts Here

2-5 Sep 2015: MFF started the beginning of the month, September, receiving trust from WTO to serve them our services, during their “Trade Starts Here” project in Cambodia. Trade Starts Here is a series of video profiles produced by WTO. It showcases people who have benefited from trade-both importing and exporting- from different parts of the world and with diverse backgrounds. The purpose of the documentary is to point out real, palpable examples of positive change in someone’s life because they took up the opportunity to trade, or because they accrue the benefits of trade in their countries.

The episode which takes place in Cambodia likewise describes the positives of doing trading of Cambodians who have jumped from focusing on agricultural to industrial sector. The target audience for this video is the public at large. It will be broadcasted on the WTO’s website ( as well as on the WTO’s Youtube channel and their Facebook page as well.