Why people like work with us?

  • MFF occupies numerous close relationships and networks with key people in media and film industry. This results in a quick processing for our projects. Asking permits or dealing with other complicated documents will be forever absent from our customers’ minds.
  • Our skilled and passionate fixers with great characteristics and flexibility in solving problems is another reason that makes our service appealing than others.
  • Offering reasonable price to all producion is no way to be left out from our strengths. No matter how small budget your project has, entrust it with us and your concerns will all go away. We always work to make sure to bring satisfaction to our clients.

Who are our clients?

Most of our clients are regional and international productions, notably European and American ones. For examples, we had worked with Oxford Scientific Films (USA), Leopard Films (USA), World Trade Organization, Boreales Production (France), Bugs Production (Canada), Green Asia Production (Thailand), Nine Network Australia PTY Ltd (Australia), Canal+ (France) etc.

What our clients said?

Craig Spurlock,

It was a terrific pleasure working with you while filming our documentary in Cambodia.  All the arrangements made for our crew were good, especially the accommodations.  Vehicles and drivers were dependable.  If there was one low spot, it was the box lunches for the field, but nobody went hungry.  Thank you so much for helping us put together this story in such remote places.  All of your hard work in scouting characters and locations prior to our arrival made our time there go very smoothly.

Mira Lew,

It was great working with you and everyone in the crew.  Everyone was so professional, hard-working and dedicated. Thank you and hope to work with you again in the future.