Permits and Production Support

Visa is what some producers need in the first stage of shooting a project abroad.  Dealing with Visas issuing and other formal documentation might sound so simple, but it is, in reality, so problematic and requires a lot of time and really close attention. We can lessen your burden concerning this matter by offering our utmost assistance, making sure that all visas can be in your hands on time.

Also, the permission to legally do the filming is also needed. Since we are the presumed owner, I might say, of our land, Mekong region, we know how to professionally handle the complicated licensing requirements, say government permits, and those difficulties dealing with issues between the production team and the community. Most of the time, if not all, projects of foreign producers would face serious trouble, or worse dispute with the authorized people due to disagreements on the project. Sometimes, even when the issue is not supposedly complicated, the language barrier and culture differences may have caused the confusion. MFF is here to put all those matters away via our closed and broad networks with people who are in-charged of these tasks. The benefit of working with MFF is that you can always feel secured when entrusting your works with us.