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A Mekong citizen as well as Phnom Penh-born Yuthana KIM obtained his Certificate of Professional Journalist Media (Print Press, TV and Radio) in 2006, which then has indulged his inner interest in filming and photography. Realizing that French language could also be a big factor for his success in communication, adding to his English proficiency, he decided to pursue his Bachelor Degree in French Literature at Royal University of Phnom Penh in 2006.

KIM is so passionate about meeting people from all around the world and helping them dealing with trouble regarding their filming projects for he knows well the satisfaction one could feel upon the achievement of a successful filming. He has galore of working experience as a reporter (2008-2009: Reporter for Voice of Democracy; 2009-2013: Reporter for the Phnom Penh Post Newspaper; 2013-2014: Reporter for Radio France International). Eventually, he developed himself into a freelancer journalist working for Cannal+, Le Monde, and TV5 Canada. With all these years spending as a journalist, KIM had encountered countless situations, people and locations. All these experiences have enhanced his ambition to go beyond limitation, not just as an ordinary reporter, but someone whom international producers can trust and lean on, with simple yet time-consuming tasks, so that they can offer their full concentration on creating cinematic masterpieces. That is the reason why he made up his mind to cross his comfort zone and devotes himself as a fixer. In fixer field, Kim possesses incredibly tremendous backgrounds which always come into use-say it the experience about finding good filming locations or solving any un-avoided conflict with local people. Furthermore, He has worked with many well-known filming productions such as Oxford Scientific Films Limited, World Trade Organization, Leopard Films USA and so on.

Kim is an easy-going type of person who always likes encountering new people and exploring new experiences. People from many local communities adore him for his sense of humor and people understanding ability while those who used to work with him admire his professionalism and flexibility in solving problems. Needless to say, he has greatly strong networks. Working with Kim could make you feel like one day time is really fast since you could always enjoy the comfort of not having to personally deal with those non-concentration worthy tasks.

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