What is a fixer?

To shoot a documentary or other cinematic projects abroad requires comparatively much preparation and effort than shooting in one’s own country. Foreign producers need to start working on many important documents and other tasks even before their feet touch the land of that country. Fixer is technically your temporary employee who can function in many ways such as a personal assistance, an interpreter, a guide, a security advisor,  and even a walking Google in term of culture, regulation and law in that particular country.  Hiring a fixer can always help lessening most of your burdens and guarantee lesser-time-consuming and effective filming projects.

What we do?

Mekong Film Fixers is serving as a platform for all international producers that wish to shoot any project in Mekong-region countries, especially Cambodia. We provide all significant services needed for filming: scouting and location management, and permits issuing, equipment and crew to name just a few. Furthermore, we possess close relationship with many internal filming commissions of the host countries which not only helps shortening the processing time but also benefiting in reducing paper work troubling and financial expense.

Who we are?

Counting from freelance fixers and journalists, a talented film director, several-filming-award holder, MFF is simply a group of professionals who share the same passion about filming and filming-related works. Our goal is to provide perfect convenience to international producers who wish to make any project in our Mekong region, especially Cambodia.

Chandara SO

Founder & Coordinator


Yuthana KIM


Are you a fixer?

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